Warforged are a ‘race’ that is made, not born. Constructs of true sentience, few think of Warforged differently than most other sentient beings, save for one fact: all warforged are relics of the Empire. Indeed, the Warforged were Nerath’s very armies, magically-converted to their untiring forms by powerful magic upon the completion of their military training. This makes Warforged common interviewees of scholars wishing to know more about the fallen Empire, as Warforged last indefinitely, and many remember large portions of the Empire’s past.

In high Nerath, the ritual to create new Warforged is not forgotten, and clerics of The Raven Queen may allow supplicants the choice of Warforged conversion if they cannot afford the spells to restore the ruined body of a fallen comrade.

As remnants of the powerful Nerathi Empire, Warforged revere Erathis though less scrupulous members of their number might follow Bane

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