There is one truth concerning the Tiefling people: they are a race without a home. Once the rulers of the ancient empire of Bael'Turath across the Sea of Fangs, the Tieflings living in Nerath in the present day are little more than refugees and wanderers. Distrusted by almost all communities, these devil-tainted humans often find that they can only trust their own kin.

Ancestrally speaking, it is from the ruins of Bael'turath that all Tieflings hail, for all are tainted by the dark rituals performed there, for power and glory. Though few now know what exactly those rituals were, they were vile enough to drive normally dogmatically- opposed churches to form the Order of Seropaenes, to prevent them from ever being used again.

Dragonborn tell the tale of Bael'turath's fall in war against their own empire Akrosha, and the Tieflings subsequent scattering to the winds, cursed to never again hold a kingdom by Erathis, goddess of Civilization; thus began the Vistanii

The Tiefling's connection to gods in complicated; as a race descended from Humans, they share the lack of a progenitor deity. On the other hand, the dark manipulations of Asmodeus have twisted and corrupted them into the forms they have today. To many Tieflings, they follow no gods at all, thinking them to not care for them. Others seek to follow a god based on their personal goals. Tiefling wizards might for example follow Corellon, or Ioun

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