Among the races inhabiting the heartlands, Halflings can be considered an oddity. Possessing skin covered in downy fur, pointed ears that can turn toward sounds, and yellow cat-like eyes, these small humanoids have had a rough history with the 'big folk' Referring to themselves as the Kyth, these small humanoids live in large communal groups. Families, as most humanoids know them, are not a social structure known to Kyth, and partners change freely and frequently, though most often initial partners are siblings. The Kyth raise young communally, and parentage, while known, is not seen as important. From a young age, the Kyth learn to hunt, trap, and fish. Most importantly, they learn to do it as a group.

Kyth primarily inhabit the Southern lands of Chiron (primarily in Goldshire), and lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle, roving an area akin to a wolf pack. Dwellings consist mostly of tents and other mobile domiciles.

Kyth are the children of Melora, and as such, most Kyth packs worship her, giving thanks to her for successful hunts

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