Despite the name, Half-Orcs are (ironically) not half of anything, being a sub race of Orc rather than an actual cross-bred race such as Half-Elves. Also known as “City Orcs” the “Half-Orcs” are considered the wild tribal Orc’s more urban kin. While still large and brutish in appearance overall, they can be just as varied as any of the ‘civilized’ races.

Most Half-Orcs make their living doing work that allows them to leverage their strength, be it as laborers, guards, or adventurers. Those who are of a more academic mind favor practical studies, or studies that delve into the cycles of the seasons and other cyclic ideas.

Though cousin to the feral Orc, and thus created by Gruumsh, most civilized Half-Orc’s prefer to worship Kord or Bane, though on occasion, particularly erudite Half-Orcs will worship Erathis.

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