Dwarves are hardy, steadfast, and sure. This is the common parlance used to describe the earth-dwelling, stout people of Craggharrow. Divided into three “kindreds of Clans,” as they call it, these groups are commonly referred to as Deep, Hill, and Mountain Dwarves.

While Kindred controlled lands their own lands in times of old, all the Kindreds share the same few cities in the present day. However, unlike elves, interbreeding is scarcely done. This can be attributed to close ties caused more by receding borders against encroaching threats, rather than any familiarity between the Kindreds. This results in dwarven cities being tension-filled places that seem to vibrate on the edge of civil conflict.

To outsiders, one of the most curious and noteworthy custom of the Dwarves is their use of trained giant ants. Each Dwarven City protects a giant queen ant, trains, and uses her drones and soldiers as beasts of war and burden. More often than not, Dwarven trading caravans on the surface are lines of such ants carrying crates for miles in their mandibles, while their dwarven handlers ride on their shelled backs

Morodin is the Father of the dwarven peoples, and is the god they most often revere, though many dwarven warriors look to Kord to bless their struggles for glory and honor

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