Dragonborn stand as the outlier even in comparison to the diminutive Kyth. Of obvious draconic origin, these scaled humanoids exhibit many traits reminiscent of their mighty winged kin. Once in ancient times, they ruled a vast empire; one that far predated even Nerath, and they have not forgotten this fact.

Truly, if any subdivision exists among them it is by chroma – by color – with Dragonborn sharing similar coloration (and thus, breath type) gravitating toward each other. As a result, the union of such pairs produces similarly-colored hatchlings, thus leading to clans of Dragonborn often being entirely of a single color.

Adventurer Dragonborn gravitate toward skillsets that emphasize their Draconic desire to inspire awe and fear, lending them toward Bard or Paladin

Dragonborn see Bahamut as their maker, recounting an ancient myth in which he formed them from the blood of fallen good dragons, to help fight the injustice of the world

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