Eitri Anglesmith

Level 1 Hill Dwarf Fighter and Smithy Owner


Hit Points | 15
Hit Dice | 1d10
Armor Class |18

15| Strength (2)
13| Dexterity (
18| Constitution (4)
10| Intelligence (
10| Wisdom (0)
14| Charisma (

Saving Throws: STR & CON

Skills: Athletics, Insight, Persuasion, Perception

Tool Proficiencies: Jewlers kit, Smithing tools

Equipment: Explorers pack, Chainmail, (2) Handaxes, Battleaxe & Shield, Smiths tools, Jewlers kit, Makers mark chisel, Travelers clothes.

Wealth, 41gp, lapis lazuli chunk (10gp)

Languages known: Dwarf, Common, 1 other


From the Personal Memoirs of Broggr Brightsteel

Born in Kraghammer to mine own Clan the boy was placed in my care as an apprentice at the age of 6 when he started his formal education studies he took to metal like a babe to the tit he did we started his early years with cleaning, running wood or flux, and tool handing and while some of the apprentices were impatient because they wanted to start working the forge became increasingly disgruntled that they did not learn the craft immediately but not young Eitri and in his quiet and obedient work he slowly stood out as the one who had what it took to perfect what I would give him…as he grew at around 15 we put him to some real work promoting the the lad to a furnace man he was a natural and while stationed at the bloomery he had the iron at the peak temperature for the pig never bein’ too hot and bein’ never too cold soon thereafter we moved him out of the frying pan and into the fire of it when my boys become smiths we don’t sit at home and get fat so I did what any responsible master does I gave it to him… five years as a striker gave him arms like an oak but like most smiths that don’t mean nothing without direction and his next step forward was an old friend of mine Ruric Turin a grizzly old dwarf who not only has the stones and strength but also has the wisdom and insight the apprentices need and like he took to the smithing he took to fighting out of the three other apprentices I sent Eitri was the only one ruric gave his mark of approval to he always fought with the heavy armor, axe and hammer it seemed to be attached to them due to the racial tradition it implied…with his formal training as fighter completed we spent 12 years together learning to smelt, anneal, cast, forge, purify, inlay, engrave, trade, merchandising, and the occasional adventure… one in particular in our 8th year smithing together I had taken a job for the clan head of clan firebeard we went to a volcano and harvested obsidian and made a fine scaled plate armor out of our finest steel that we had annealed a vibrant red with the crushed scales of an adult red dragon which I then glazed and fused obsidian into each individual scale for a striking red and black full suite of plate…I made five years’ salary off that one suit and Eitri the young man at this point made two! As time went on he focused on only armor when he could and wouldn’t take any work forging weapons other than his favored axes and hammers unless pressed to it he took to the ancient works and the ceremonial and by the 10th year was making full suite of antiqued armor that most of the brightsmiths in the city envied greatly At the end of his 12th year working under me I named him a full smith there was a small ceremony at which I gave him two of my favorite axes and a chain hauberk of exceptional quality all of my own make. He worked with me for a few more years before moving onto Storm haven and started working his own smithy under the masters of chiron and he has had much success…..
Recorded by apprentice oin silverfingers
From the memoirs of grand smith Broggr brightsteel
Dictated but not read

Eitri Anglesmith

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