Silver Sparkforge

Level 2 Warforged Engineer


Hit Points | 11
Hit Dice | 1d8
Armor Class |13

13| Strength
15| Dexterity
16| Constitution
18| Intelligence
17| Wisdom
9 | Charisma

Saving Throws: INT (4) and CON (3)

Skills: Arcana, History, Insight, Persuasion
Tools: Thief, Leatherworker, Smith, Tinker

Equipment: Crossbow(light) 20 bolts, component pouch, explorers pack,leather armor, Broken sword, Tinkers tools, Smiths tools, Letter of introduction (the guild), travelers clothes.

Gadgets: Extra-dimensional toolbox, Grappling gun, Wrist rockets

Wealth, 15 GP


Cantrip (Racial)
-Fire Bolt

- Find Familiar, detect magic


Height: 6’6"
Weight: 280#

Aedificer 127 “Silver” Marcus was one of the first military support staff who signed up for the warforged transformation process.
Marcus was born of a family whos military service was unrivaled. Marcus’s brothers before him had quickly rose through the ranks as soldiers, scouts, and officers. His family history alone had set Marcus up for a future in the imperial army, so when he showed an aptitude towards magical trinkets and physical mechanics he was tailored for service as an Aedificer. Aedificers are magical and physical engineers who keep the wheels of the war machine well oiled and maintained. They were integral in maintaining and building artifacts, weapons, armor, fortifications, and eventually warforged.
When the Aedificers asked for volunteers for the first round of warforged transformations young Marcus was one of the first to sign up, having just completed his training. Aedificer Marcus was given a week to make preparations. He met with his father, a grizzled veteran with many honors to his name, that his training was complete. His father smiled, for the first time that he could remember, and wrapped his youngest son in a crushing embrace. Marcus’s father then called forth his mother, brothers, and sisters pulling as many strings as he could to host a grand party in his honor, each brother honored their young brother with tales of their youth and of their victories in the field. At the hight of the feast young Marcus stood taking in the sight of his family before him and announced that he was going to become one of the first warforged. The hall went silent as the family wasn’t sure how to respond, most of his brothers had heard of this transformation process and were surprised that their brother would become one of the tireless soldiers losing much of his humanity in the process. Marcus’s father stood and clapped his hand on his untested sons shoulder proclaiming that he would become the empires finest and that he was proud to have a son as brave as he. His family cheered and congratulated their youngest member before taking up in a family drinking song.


When the day finally came for the transformation Marcus met his father who dressed him in a suit of fine composite mail embued with magical defense as a token of his pride. An imperial soldier met Marcus outside his door with a crisp salute, and led him to the Aedificer labritory where Marcus would spend his last few moments as a human and be reborn in his tireless form.

Marcus was led through the Aedificer complex and into the chamber where the transformation would begin. He joined the group of soldiers, aedificers, and support staff who were waiting for the process to begin. Marcus looked through the crowd of faces taking in the emotions, pride, fear, determination these men and women would join him in becoming the first of their kind. As the inductees were let in to the chambers a few at a time a gruff officer called out individuals and marked their names off at the table beside him. After the first group were led through the doors the officer pointed to Markus, “You there, silver one, you’re up next.” Markus approached and gave the man his name. The officer waived him on clapping him on the back commenting, “You do your family proud” before shouting out, “You there with the cloak.” As he walked into the room he marveled at the complex mechanical and magical construction of the device that would transform him. The room was circular with pods set about the room that sank into the floor, in the middle of the room there was a monolith carved with runes and symbols of magical nature, the sense of magic was so powerful that it made Marcus’s hair stand on end. His last memories of being human were that when he was lowered into the pod and saw a bright flash.

Walking out into the sunlight, Silver shades his eyes with a metallic hand. It has been many long years since the fall of the Empire and Silver has taken up the life of a tinkerer and trader. Since the fall he has become quite the accomplished salesman learning from Dwarves, Gnomes, and even Elves to further his knowledge of the world around him and how it works with a dogmatic obsession. He pulls from his pouch a small clockwork toy to tinker with as he walks, as much as he hates to admit it the gnomes habits rubbed off on him. Before him lies the Guild and his little corner of the world, his workshop and his private workshop.

Silver Sparkforge

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