Sin Direheart

Level 1 Human Necromancer


Hit Points | 9
Hit Dice | 1d6
Armor Class |13

14| Strength
16| Dexterity
17| Constitution
14| Intelligence
13| Wisdom
17 | Charisma

Proficiency Bonus: 2

Saving Throws:
(5) Charisma
(5) Constitution

Skills: Religion, Arcane, History
Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnomish

Equipment: Crossbow(light) 20 bolts, Scythe, Leather Armor, Scholar’s Pack
Tools: Embalming Tools

Wealth, 10 GP


- Control Undead, Raise Undead


Illuskian Human
34 Years Old
Fair Skin, Steel Eyes
Short Whit Hair
Black Marking on Right Forearm

Sin Direheart was a sage from Barovia lusting after the many secrets contained within the arcane. He had a particular talent as a Scribe. There wasn’t a particular person he met that couldn’t be swayed into conversation or help but smile after the encounter. He was gentle-heated and spoke to all ages in the same respect. Sin was willing to listen to every side of an argument before coming to his own judgments. However just as he was devoted to arcane magics; he was also ruthless in his ideals. “Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence.” Bond by the desire to answer a question he’d asked his whole life, no material objective or even a life was too high a price to unlocking an ancient mystery to him.

The concept of Humanoids ruling each other is a concept not shared by Sin. It is inevitable that even the most just of rulers will pass, and a once glorious and fair empire will fall to rubble. Life is but a rite of passage to the eternal source of all things. He was once a promising wizard studying a great variety of arcane magics, until the night he had lost his best friend, and wife. That night Sin attempted an advanced energy transfer spell dealing with life force itself. It failed, burning a mark from the back of his hand up to his forearm and killing dear Vera instantly. Those that witnessed knew it was an accident, but couldn’t trust a man that could be so reckless. Devastated by the harsh fate that was his reality, he devoted his studies to necromancy. Three years went by and his hope for restoring his past had dwindled to nothing more than what had become of his lost companion, a memory. His personality had drifted to a dull sadness that soured anyone near him. All he had left was the research he had done. He knew a great deal about the undead, the souls of the living and departed, and legends of those who attempted to surpass this unstoppable cycle of life and death.

The library he once studied and was a source of some of the materials itself had now exiled him. The village had turned from grieving with him, to wanting him to fade like his promised family had. So he left, with his desire to find his answer burning in his skull.

Five years have past since leaving behind is home. Now it feels to him that Barovia was no more than a source of all of his agony. These places he’s visited have often been in far worse condition than his home, but his wife didn’t haunt them like she did there. It didn’t take long for Sin to gain his bearings after he left. He would continue his work and discover all he could to accomplish this task. But he would need powerful allies for the trials ahead. And just maybe, he will find the answer to his last wish.

Sin Direheart

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