Level 3 Tiefling Warlock of the Undying Light


Hit Points | 26
Hit Dice | 3d8
Armor Class | 17

11 | Strength
17 | Dexterity
15 | Constitution
14 | Intelligence
15 | Wisdom
18 | Charisma

Saving throw proficiencies: Wisdom (4), Charisma (6)
Trained skills: History (4), Intimidation (6), Investigation (4), Survival (4)
Languages: Common, Infernal, Gypsy (Thieves’ Cant)

2 2nd level spell slots
Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Greenflame Blade, Light, Sacred Flame, Spare the Dying, Thaumaturgy
1st Level: Bind Vestige, Burning Hands, Cure Wounds, Hellish Rebuke
2nd Level: Misty Step, Prayer of Healing

Rod (Arcane Focus), Karambit, 2 Daggers, Light Crossbow, 20 Crossbow bots, Glamoured Leather armor, Thyenexius Vault Key, Dulcimer

15 gold


Male Tiefling of average height. Olive skin with dark blue hair and golden eyes. Casts no shadow or reflection. Smells lightly of sulfur.
Mercenary, bartender, cook, healer, adventurer, tailor, artist, lover, musician, poet, storyteller, etc., etc.

Born to an adventuring Tiefling couple, Lucifer was left under the care of his parent’s close friends in a Vistanii caravan, as where they were heading was unsuited for small children.
His early childhood was normal, for a Vistanii at least. The caravan raising him spent the majority of its time in or around the Barovian forests.
At a young age he began to participate in his caravan’s carnival. At first he was just an running errands, as his appearance was unsettling to many guests. However, when it was discovered that Lucifer cast no reflection, he became his own attraction. “The boy with no reflection.”
One night at the age of eight, Luc had a dream. He was floating in an empty void, and a bright light began to shine at a distance. This mote grew and grew, becoming more and more luminescent. Eventually the light completely enveloped him, embracing him in a comforting warmth. As he reached out for this essence, the warmth became an unbearable heat. Luc’s hand eventually grasped something, and his body was engulfed in a spike of energy. He awoke in a sweat, and found his right hand glowing brightly. He sought out the caravan elder, and she looked him over. Lucifer had somehow formed a connection to the Positive Plane, becoming a conduit for the pure life force of the multiverse.
As a young teen Luc began to make friends outside of his caravan, and he discovered that non-Vistanii became uncomfortable with mention of his birth name. To alleviate this, he took a virtue name; Bright.
On his eighteenth birthday, Luc received a gift from the caravan elder. A key, forged from bronze and cold iron, which glows as if just pulled from a forge. However, the key is only pleasantly warm to the touch. A word is engraved on the bow of the key, in Infernal: Thyenexius. The elder told Luc that this was his family’s name.
This new information, and this mysterious key, left Luc more curious about his family than ever before. He decided to part ways with his home caravan and seek answers. Over the past four years he has traveled Aethria, moving between multiple Vistanii caravans. Now he finds himself at Stormhaven, having found no insight into his family or inheritance.

Born Lucifer Thyenexius.
Bound to the Positive Plane.
Took the Virtue name Bright.
Hails from Barovia.
Member of the Vistanii.


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