It has been two hundred years since the fall of the last Nerathi Emperor, and the lands of men and elf have fallen into disarray. From the west, through Garlach’s Gap, the Gnoll hordes creep ever eastward into the civilized lands. From across the waves to the south, dark forces swirl amongst the desert winds of the ruins of the Tiefling Cities of Bael`terath. In the east, goblinoids band together into an ever growing threat. Then in the middle of it all, the vast expanse of the jagged sea of fangs, where the storms seem to hunger for blood and fear. Yet, in the midst of this, cities thrive, and great guilds have grown from the shadow of the old Empires, seeking their fortunes amongst the quarreling vassal kingdoms, and the shattered world beyond.

But all is not well in the sea of Fangs, on a small island known only as Eskrea, the home of The Blackheart Spire

The Blackheart Spire